Transform yelling, tantrums and mealtime challenges into happy healthy families

 8 Short But Super Helpful Online Modules

. . . so that you have kid-friendly wellness information to listen to at home or on the go.

"This is how you do it" Downloads

. . . so that you easily get the simple, step-by-step tools you need to be healthy and fit.

Guidance, Accountability and Support

 . . . so that you feel confident in where you're headed and pride in doing what's important to you.

Love Your Family "Feel" both Mind and Body

. . . because you feel comfortable in your own skin and have a healthy future ahead of you!


“You have done a great service for our family! These tools will help my daughter be healthy all her life. Thanks for an amazing program!"

- NAOMI Happy Healthy Kids MOM - Langley, BC


"If you and/or your family haven't participated in all of the goodies the Happy Healthy Kids team has to offer, I highly recommend you stop procrastinating and get on it!!"

- DAVE Happy Healthy Kids DAD- Langley, BC



What you receive:


 - 8 weeks of videos, simple games and activities for the kids, that educate, empower, and encourage so that in a few minutes a day, your family discovers simple steps to create healthy habits.


 - 8 videos for parents and grandparents so, if time permits, you can additionally support your kids' learning and doing of practises that foster being healthy and fit.


 - Downloadable version of Brenda Wollenberg's Overweight Kids in a Toothpick World so you have every step of our wellness program right at your fingertips.


 - Downloadable magnificent mom and dynamic dad journals to help track the physical and emotional changes that will truly transform your family.


 - Fabulous recipes, downloadable menu plan templates, sample menu plans and healthy foods lists that will ensure your household is on board with favourite flavours and that your snacks don’t taste like hockey pucks!


 - A wacky and wonderful kids activity book that allows kids to understand the principles that help them create healthy habits for life.


 - Access to 2 Live Personalized Zoom Sessions, where your program questions will be answered by a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.


 - Access to our private HHKA Facebook page which will allow you to interact with other participants, and provide room to get questions answered between FB Lives.


 - An amazing Milestones Chart that fosters family empowerment, helps you monitor success AND allows your family to win prizes!




“That makes sense!"


"That would explain why what we were doing wasn't helping."


"Now I understand."


"Why didn't someone tell me this years ago?"


"I can't believe how much interest my 4-year-old has now to eat healthier."



Happy Healthy Kids Adventure is right for you and your family if you are concerned with being fit and healthy in today's world. The best defense is a strong offense. Strong, simple and sustainable habits that is!


It’s also for you and your family if you're action takers. You take responsibility for your own health and well-being.

You're a family who cares deeply about growth and change and wants to be around for a long and healthy life with the people you love.


If that's you . . . time to invest!


TOTAL VALUE = $1,600 US 



$197US (with bonuses, value is $1600US)

We never pass along your information to others. We value privacy as much as you do!


15 Day

Money Back Guarantee

Participate fully in the HHKA program as directed.

If in 15 days you decide that the program is not for you, you get your money back.



 . . . about this healthy and fit family wellness program!

Jonathan Bailor

Author and lead researcher on the largest scientific analysis of health and fitness ever conducted

 " . . . through her insightful, sustainable, memorable, and comprehensive program, Brenda Wollenberg has provided us with an extremely useful resource for addressing this issue [obesity] practically and permanently."

Dr. Al Sears


Center for Health and Wellness



" . . . an easy-to-follow plan that makes sense."




Dr. Stephen Genuis MD

Clinical Associate Professor

Faculty of Medicine

University of Alberta

"Brenda has done extensive research to develop practical interventions to help those experiencing nutritional & weight-management concerns to sort through the maze of information and achieve positive, life-changing outcomes.”




We are registered holistic nutritionists and co-creators of HHKA. We have had past health challenges which is why we LOVE working with kids. Why not help others avoid what we went through?


When Alicia was younger she didn't have the best moods (just ask her three children!). She started her wellness journey when her kids were teens. Once Alicia changed her diet and lifestyle habits, transformation began in her and the whole family!


Brenda was exhausted and had weight, mood and digestive issues. Fortunately, she worked with a wellness practitioner who helped transform her life. She then took her husband and five kids on a health journey that had them soon all healthy and thriving.

Alicia Mazari-Andersen PhD RHN

Author - Mommy, I've Got a Piñata in My Tummy


A few of the questions that have previously been asked about the program and that might be on your mind!

Can you describe the Happy Healthy Kids Adventure program in a nutshell?

What Happy Healthy Kids Adventure results are possible?

What makes Happy Healthy Kids Adventure different?

How much work do we need to put in during the 8 week HHKA program?


"I truly have no words to thank you for this. I started this course thinking it was all about nutrition without even thinking about the multiple benefits that changing our nutrition could have on everything around us. I was recently diagnosed with COVID-19 and I had minimal symptoms; I attribute this to the HHKA program. This is something that is invaluable.

- KARLA Happy Healthy Kids MOM and Nurse - Mexico City


Wellness can be complicated.

We make it simple.

And doable.

So you can be your best YOU!

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